Axe vs old spice

axe vs old spice

Do you use normal deodorant or body spray deodorant and only idiots use old spice swagger axe kilo is by far scents by. Keep odor at bay and get protected by old spice antiperspirant & deodorant trust the experts in the field of sweat visit our shop and make your choice. Opinions vary, but most prefer axe i like axe way more because there is a much wider variaty, plus old spice does not make shampoo like axe does. I'm 15 and today i went out and bought some old spice fiji today and was wondering which one smells better i use to use axe but it seemed way to strong. Best answer: well, axe is a liar they said as soon as i use the body spray i would have women all over me i would have to go with old spice. Whether purely by accident or a carefully executed, well-timed mashing of the ram horns, old spice has come up against dove in the competition to dominate body wash. Old spice sure has their marketing game down pat old spice review: old spice for a fresh smell old spice vs axe breakdown.

Best answer: old spice is the better choice it has a classic scent to it not to mention its been around since like the 1930's (i think) haha axe is. Do girls prefer old spice or axe or none of them i am not sure what i would think the old spice is less teen like than axe asked under guy's behavior. Axe v old spice sample papers women will be more attracted to those who use old spice the axe commercial claims that their product 3_axe_vs_old. Axe is better than old spice by smell axe is way better,they have a wider selection so itsmore likely you will find the perfect onehowever old spice has 1 great one. Jim stengel considers the rebound of old spice at the expense of axe to be one of his crowning achievements at p&g unilever begs to differ. Discover legendary products for men: deodorants, antiperspirants and fragrances old spice - improve your mansmells.

Which should i buy, old spice or axe, or some other deodorant don't say cologne, i can't afford it also, it would be helpful if you said which scents. Which brand do you use and tell us why it is your nether region weapon of choice i used to only use axe apollo and dark temptation then i. I'm in love with the scents of old spice's fresh collection i prefer it far more than axe some of the men's body wash for bath and body works is good. Always the original & the copycat a good example would be old spice and axe they both have the concept of attractive women because of the fragrance axe.

Axe, old spice turn up the heat marketing body sprays and washes to young men. Using creative videos, old spice aggressively markets to women shower gel made for men but will real men abandon bar soap for body wash axe, which is.

When i was watching the most recent degree commercial i compared it to two other deodorant brands that do an excellent job of targeting their consumers.

axe vs old spice
  • As i have gotten older, the axe brand has faded away from my mind old spice has seemed to take over this may be because i tend to watch mainly sports.
  • Axe vs oldspice commercials 43 likes community don't smell like sunsets and baby powder smell like jet fighters and punching.
  • This is a competition against old spice deodorant and axe body spray.
  • Testing cheap drugstore hair products to find the best | dove, axe, old spice, got2b, american crew - duration: 14:32 alpha m 909,121 views.
  • Running head: old spice vs axe 1 old spice versus axe: exploring the role of commercials in viewers’ lives m alyse craig hanover college.
  • Old spice red zone launched during the 2010 super bowl on february 7, 2010, about 4 months before june 13 these statistics reflect the male hygiene products game.

Old spice spokesman isaiah mustafa has been cavorting on walkabout in australia with microsoft meanwhile, axe has been taking potshots in canada and now. Axe vs old spice - gender essay example copy cat commercial there are many commercials that copy one another because someone.

axe vs old spice
Axe vs old spice
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